DocXperT is an efficient and easy to use Java based software product for document generation and reporting purposes. The main intention of DocXperT was to realize the template creation in the possible simplest way, without the need for special template design software or software extension. Thus, for DocXperT template creation Microsoft Word has been chosen as it is the most extensively used word processing software. Another important goal was to produce documents/reports that have exactly the same layout as the one of their templates.

The template format is Office Open XML (docx) that is the default format since Microsoft Office 2007. Document generation does not require any additional software module above the Java environment by default. In this default case the generated output has the same format as the template and the template layout is fully preserved in the generated document. If another output format is needed (e.g., pdf), converter modules are available for output transformation.

Document generation uses the widespread XML format for data source by default. However, DocXperT can handle JSON data and the supported data source types are continuously expanding (Excel file, database, etc.)

DocXperT have a Freeware and a Professional edition. Freeware version can be a good choice for personal use and small companies that do not use document generation as their main activity. Professional version contains rich set of features, further it can be extended by support options.


DocXperT is capable to generate documents/reports from docx templates using the data provided. The main features are as follows.

Simple template creation without need for a special template design software or software extension using pure Microsoft Office (2007 or higher). In this way the existing document can be used as the base of the templates and there is no need for developers to create and/or modify the templates.

Fully preserving the template layout in the generated document. The generated documents will look exactly like the templates as the template is the document base in which DocXperT inserts the specified data. Therefore applying documentation standards (logo, colors, fonts, etc.) on the templates does not need any developer time but the use of the existing document templates.

Layout and data content separation. The template designer can focus on layout and formatting and should not have any developer knowledge. This is true vice versa as the developer responsible for data providing should not have any knowledge on the template design. They should only agree on the field/data mapping.

Pure Java based solution with easy integration to Java applications. Most of the computers have Java Virtual Machine; moreover Java is a widespread base for business applications, therefore DocXperT can be easily integrated into these applications. However, DocXperT can be used as standalone application as well as via web service interface.

Conversion modules to produce different output formats. The preferred method is to convert the docx output to different format using Microsoft Office with the help of MsOffice conversion module of DocXperT aiming at fully preserving the document layout. However, in order not to limit the usability to Windows operating system, OpenOffice conversion module is also available for DocXperT. Further, DocXperT has pure Java based conversion module as well, which does not need the installation of any word processing software.

Several useful formatting and controlling functions.

  • Number formatting is with rounding and grouping of thousands based on different locale standards. The numbers are not broken into different lines even in case of space grouping separator.
  • Date formatting based on given patterns. The formatting can be based on the given original data format; however, the original date format can be determined by the system using pattern matching technique.
  • Table row and column repetition corresponding to the repetitive data. Tables can have headers and/or footers, the color of row background may be alternating, and the cells can contain functions as well.
  • Conditional and repetitive blocks with section re-numbering if needed. These blocks may be embedded in each other with unlimited depth.


DocXperT is based on Java with minimized number of dependencies from other Java libraries. It is robust because it does not build up the generated document in memory, but it uses streaming with minimal buffering: it writes out the generated document at the same time as reading the template.


Core (mandatory): JRE 6 or higher

Template design (optional): Microsoft Word 2007 or higher (Office Open XML; also informally known as OOXML or OpenXML)

Output format conversion (optional): Microsoft Word 2010 (recommended) or OpenOffice 3.4.1 or none


command line interface (JRE 6)

web application interface (Servlet API 2.5)

direct call from Java (embedding in Java application)


Core: commons-cli, commons-pool, slf4j-log4j12

JSON data support: staxon

Web interface: commons-fileupload, commons-io, jsp-api, servlet-api

MsOffice converter: jacob

OpenOffice converter: unoil, juh, ridl, jurt

XDocReport converter: org.apache.poi.xwpf.converter.xhtml, org.apache.poi.xwpf.converter.pdf

Latest release

DocXperT 4.3.0, released: April 7, 2013.

XDocReport conversion module added in order to support format conversion without the need for word processing software installed.


4.3 XDocReport conversion module
4.2 Logging change from commons-logging to slf4j
4.1 Function else
4.0 Web application interface
3.3 Rotated table fill function
3.2 Table fill function
3.1 Conditional and repetitive block functions
3.0 JSON data support
2.2 OpenOffice converter module added supporting non-Windows based environments
2.1 Converter module added (MsOffice) in order to produce different output formats
2.0 Command line interface
1.1 Number and date formatting functions
1.0 Simple field replacement with data based on XML data using direct java interface


The feature set of DocXperT is continuously expanding based on the customer needs. The planned new functions are listed below. Do not hesitate to contact us for prioritizing these items.

  • Simple field handling: plain text instead of MergeField (<<field>>)
  • Image insertion
  • Expression evaluation (e.g., in if function)
  • Rich text input (formatted text insertion) support
  • Template validation
  • Web service interface
  • Batch generation support
  • Support of other data providers: web service, Excel table, database (SQL)
  • Printing
  • Digital signature


DocXperT have Freeware and Professional editions that differ in the feature set included.


Feature Freeware Professional
number formatting yes yes
date formatting yes yes
conditional block    yes * yes
repetitive block   yes
table row repetition yes yes
table column repetition   yes
command line interface yes yes
web interface   yes
direct call from Java   yes
converter modules   yes

* Freeware edition of DocXperT does not support embedded conditional blocks.


This section contains the standard price for DocXperT product and support. However, we also fulfill customized requests considering the product integration as well as support options. For customization inquiries please contact us at: sales@docxpert.eu

Freeware edition

Freeware edition has limited feature set as it is detailed in the Comparison section. It is free of charge for personal and it cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Professional edition

Professional edition has the full set of features with the only limitation that it should not be embedded in commercial applications. The price of DocXperT Professional is 300 EUR per CPU.


2 support options are offered for DocXperT Professional: Standard support and Premium support. Each of them has 3 severity levels defined in the SLA:

  • High: critical loss of application functionality or performance resulting in high number of users unable to perform their normal functions
  • Normal: moderate loss of application functionality or performance resulting in multiple users impacted in their normal functions.
  • Low: minor loss of application functionality or product feature question.

Standard support costs 100 EUR/month. It is available 8/5: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (UTC+2), 5 days a week (Monday - Friday) with the following SLA:

Severity level Response time Target workaround or resolution
High 1 day < 4 days
Normal 2 days < 8 days
Low 4 days < 12 days

Premium support costs 400 EUR/month and have 24/7 cover with the following SLA:

Severity level Response time Target workaround or resolution
High 2 hours < 1 day
Normal 1 day < 4 days
Low 2 days < 8 days

In case you would like to embed DocXperT in commercial application or you need special support agreements, please contact us at: sales@docxpert.eu


For ordering DocXperT Professional, please contact us at: sales@docxpert.eu

The ordering of the latest version of DocXperT Freeware has the following simple process. First, the ordering form below should be completed, in which the email address is the only required field. After submitting the form, an email will be sent to the email address provided. This email will contain a link from which the application can be accessed.

DocXperT Freeware ordering form


Although DocXperT focuses on the ease of use, several study-aids are supplied as follows.

  • Templating guide
  • Example template and data files
  • Demo application


Templating guide and user's guide of DocXperT can be accessed through the previous links.

Examples for template and data as well as the generated output is provided here.


A demo application of DocXperT Professional is available for trying our product. The data and template input files have to be submitted and then the response is the document generated. Example data and template files can be found in the previous section.

data (xml):
template (docx):


Technical lead of DocXperT is Balázs Józsa, while the project management tasks are executed by Szilárd Bortnyik. Balázs holds a Ph.D. degree in computer science and has been working in the IT field since 1989. Szilárd has more than 16 years' experience in the IT field and he is practiced in people as well as project leadership. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about DocXperT product.

If you have usage specific inquiries about our product or if you experience any trouble while using it, please contact us at: support@docxpert.eu